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In building our own capital equipment site to go online soon, we found that all the API'S available from UPS, Fedex, DHL and many common carrier freight companies only calculated their real-time quotes from the total of the products (weight and dimensions) in the cart. As a reseller, we needed a solution that went further. If two items in the cart come from different shipping points, the current API's wouldn't work. We needed a solution that allowed us to assign origination zip codes to every product, and query real-time quotes individually, or, by line item in the cart. We also needed to couple products with the same origination zip code (in our case that means they come from the same place), prior to going out for real-time freight quote. Additionally, we needed the API to figure out which line items in the cart would ship by small package freight and which were going to go by common carrier, to get the appropriate quote. So, since all these features were necessary, and it was not yet available, we had to make our own API.

When we say "quote", we refer to actual real-time rates, with more than one company returning results to choose from.

We set out to make sure you don't have to spend as much money as we did to create an API, so we are making it available for what we are told is a very modest amount per month, to use the API we have created. It is of course with the idea that so many people might need it, that it will eventually pay for itself (hope, ha). There are a few details in the programming needed for your shopping cart to be prepared, which we are afraid is unavoidable...but I think you will find those improvements to be invaluable in increasing the number of visitors to your site (your site now will be one of the few to be so complete in function), and more customers will gravitate to the shopping cart you use, should the cart company choose to make it available to all their customers.

We hope you too will find our API to solve your concerns in dealing with your selection of products and adding accurate freight rates to each sale for your web site. We invite input so we can improve the API as we go along, so please email us anytime at Thank you for your business!

The Staff at
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

All About FreightAPI

What is a freight API? It is the programming module needed by the shopping cart company processing your online web sales, to tie to a freight carrier’s computer for real-time quotes, based on to/from zip codes, weight, size of shipment and class of freight.